Tackle Domestic Violence Campaign


Each week a woman is  killed because of domestic and family violence.

Now more than ever the community need to stand together and show that domestic violence is not acceptable.

The North Queensland Women’s Legal Service, North Queensland Cowboys and the Townsville Fire have formed a partnership to tackle domestic violence. The ‘Tackle Domestic Violence’ Campaign is calling on Queensland families across the State to take a stand against domestic violence.

You can show your support for the Campaign by;

  • Following NQWLS on Facebook and during the month of May change your profile picture to the #tackleDV logo.
  • Become a member of the NQWLS.
  • Donate to the campaign by texting ‘HOMESAFE‘ to 0437 371 371 or by clicking givenowbutton2.
  • Purchase Tackle Domestic Violence Campaign merchandise.

All proceeds of the campaign will support the domestic and family violence prevention and response work of the NQWLS. Donations over $2 are tax deductible.

The North Queensland Women’s Legal Service, North Queensland Toyota Cowboys and the JCU Townsville Fire want people affected by domestic violence to have access to free legal help when needed and to feel safe at home.

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