Face to Face Advice

NQWLS operate a free and confidential face to face legal appointments. These appointments are conducted by female lawyers who see women by appointment only. In some cases, limited ongoing assistance may be available, depending on the circumstances of the client, NQWLS casework guidelines and available resources at any given time.

NQWLS offers assistance in all areas of law which commonly affect women (young or old), such as family law (parenting and property), defacto matters (parenting and property), family/domestic violence, discrimination, child protection, and Victim Assist. Interpreters can be arranged for women from culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) backgrounds and women with a hearing impairment who need legal assistance.

NQWLS offers the following face to face legal appointment services in the following locations;

  • CAIRNS: Monday to Thursday. Phone (07) 4033 5825 to make an appointment.
  • TOWNSVILLE:  Monday to Thursday. Phone (07) 4772 5400 to make an appointment.
  • AYR: 2nd Tuesday of each month. Phone (07) 4783 3744 to make an appointment.
  • CHARTERS TOWERS: 3rd Tuesday of each month. Phone (07) 4787 4797 to make an appointment.
  • INGHAM: 4th Tuesday of each month. Phone (07) 4776 1822 to make an appointment.
  • ATHERTON: 1st Wednesday of each month. Phone (07) 4091 5100 to make an appointment.
  • MAREEBA: 2nd Wednesday of each month. Phone (07) 4092 1948 to make an appointment.
  • INNISFAIL: 3rd Wednesday of each month. Phone (07) 4043 8400 to make an appointment.
  • PORT DOUGLAS: 4th  Wednesday of each month. Phone (07) 4099 5518 to make an appointment.
  • MOSSMAN: 4th Wednesday of each month. Phone (07) 4098 2005 to make an appointment.

Helpful tips

  • Bring any court orders, documents or letters relating to your legal issue with you.
  • If you need an interpreter, please let us know when you are making your appointment.