Become a member of the North Queensland Women’s Legal Service.

Statement of Purpose

The objects of North Queensland Women’s Legal Service:

  1. To provide legal advice, representation and advocacy, together with associated welfare services, to women and their families. There will be a special emphasis on North Queensland women and their families who face additional discrimination for reasons such as, but not limited to poverty, displacement, social class, race, age, religion, disability, sexuality, isolation and violence;
  2. To provide North Queensland women the opportunity to gain skills and knowledge to participate fully and confidently in legal matters affecting them;
  3. To initiate and promote research and evaluation of existing laws and legal process within the context of the current social and cultural structures;
  4. Where necessary to advocate for reform of the law and legal processes and reflect the experiences of women which fail to address their needs;
  5. To work towards the empowerment of all women within the legal system to achieve social justice and equity before the law;
  6. To foster and support women’s access to continuing education opportunities.

NQWLS supports the principles of the United Nations Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women. (Section 2 – NQWLS Constitution)

NQWLS has been established to assist and develop appropriate forms of assistance for all women to gain access to the legal system, including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island women, women from non-English-speaking backgrounds, women living in rural or isolated areas, women with disabilities and women living in poverty.


The membership of the association shall consist of ordinary members being women and any of the following classes of members:

  • associate members being individuals, affiliates and organizations who support the objects of the organizations;
  • life members;
  • honorary members.

No other class of membership except ordinary members can vote at general meetings. (Section 4 – NQWLS Constitution)