We’ve Separated… How do we work out arrangements for our children?

This workbook provides an overview of the family law system, as well as the obligations of separating parents and their children’s rights under the Family Law Act. This workbook includes:

  • Where do we start?
    • Why try and work things out?
    • Should we formalise arrangements?
    • What is a parenting plan?
    • What are parenting orders?
  • Can we work things out between ourselves ?
    • Do I legally have to follow a parenting plan?
    • Some things you should know about parenting plans
    • If we agree on the arrangements for our children how can we make them legally enforceable?
    • What is a consent order ?
  • Can family dispute resolution help?
    • What is family dispute resolution?
    • How important is family dispute resolution?
    • What can I expect at family dispute resolution?
    • Handy tips for family dispute resolution
  • I am applying to the Family Court for a Parenting Order. What happens next?
    • Why would I apply for an interim parenting order?
    •  I want to apply for a final parenting order – is it hard to do?
  • What will the court consider when it decides to make a parenting order?
  • What happens when one of us wants to change a parenting plan or a parenting order?
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Parenting plan checklist
  • Organisations that can help

Download We’ve Separated… How do we work out arrangements for our children?  pdficon_small